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EVC Inc. builds technology products and data systems to amplify impact and reduce costs.

Who are we?

Led by a product designer with over 10 years of industry experience in the manufacturing, software, service as well as non-profit sectors, Elliott Verreault Consulting (EVC Inc.) has worked for clients in more than a dozen countries in product design and development, data system engineering, marketing and professional training. Its end clients include government, military, intelligence and UN agencies from across the world.

Named one of 10 Innovation Zeitgeist Young Minds globally by Google in 2012 for his work with technology in the humanitarian space, Elliott Verreault is also a published author in multicultural and virtual team management, a subject he has delivered executive training on internationally. Furthermore, his open data work in previous entrepreneurial ventures led him to speak as a G20 Panelist on Digital Disruption and Open Data in Brisbane, Australia in late 2014.

Elliott holds an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge and an MSc. in Peace & Development Studies from Linnéuniversitet (Sweden), having graduated first of his class at Bishop’s University (Canada) with a BBA in International Business. Constantly learning, Elliott also completed professional training in Big Data Analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Elliott speaks French, Spanish and Japanese.

Key skills

UX/UI Design
End-to-end Data System Automatization
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Responsive Web Development
Network Analysis
Big Data Modelling & Analytics
M&E Dashboard Solutions
Open Data Fusion
Cyber Security & Data Encryption
  • Elliott worked with our start-up company in its first few months and provided invaluable inputs in relation to our business plans, market research and approaches to technology.

    - Dr. Andrew Rathmell -
  • Exceptionally organized and professional, he gets projects done at lightning speed. Elliott consistently exceeded my expectations.

    - Dr. Denise Fortier -
  • Crikey – well done! This is an amazing turnaround in a very short space of time […] it’s exactly what we discussed.

    - Alex Martin -
  • Compelling visualisation of influence. Client liked this and there was a definite “wow” factor.

    - Ameen Jan -
  • Elliott is commended for all the work he put into a task that none of us could hope to get our heads around, let alone pull off!!

    - Michael Shaw -
  • My goodness you work fast!

    - Chris Hurran OBE -
  • It has been great to see you pick it up and run. Thank you.

    - Mike Allen, MBA -

What we do

Info Management Systems

Turn “messy” into organized, overload into focus.

Network Analysis

Navigate organizations from the inside, uncover inflection points.

GIS Analytics

Everything happens somewhere. Track, observe, respond.

Process Automation

Gain back your time. Put more on autopilot.



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Based in the Americas. Working globally.

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